The Big Picture

There’s all sorts of strange stuff in the World of Darkness. The strange powers of vampires, weird psychic abilities, the ritual summoning of a demon or stranger things still. Someone might call any or all of these things ‘Magic’ and they wouldn’t be wrong to do so.

The sort of Magic that Mages do though is different. It’s in a class all of it’s own. Mages refer to anything having to do with their sort of magic as ‘Supernal’.

Disclaimer: The eternal mysteries.

The real truth is that no one really knows the exact workings of magic, any more than a scientist knows the exact workings of the universe. Mages have spent thousands of years studying magic, debating their theories with one another and investigating all the mysteries they can find. There’s a rigorous framework behind their understanding of magic, but it is still an incomplete theory based on a lot of speculation.

How Does Magic Work?

The basic building block of the universe isn’t atoms, energy or cells. The basic building blocks are symbols.

The Big Picture

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